If you were really watching the numbers the way I thought I was watching the numbers, you might have felt like you were trying to take a selfie as the NASCAR cars were making the lap. One day the numbers were going up. The next day the Governor said they were going down, but they looked like they were still going up for a few days. Then BAM! the web page was changed to look snazzy and suddenly the numbers were all down. You can see all you need to see in Fig 1 below. I made a screen shot from the DPH page just a few minutes ago. Even though the total confirmed cases keeps going up, somehow the number of “Confirmed Cases” in this graph have been going down since April 15, 2020. I never saw this graph before last night (April 27, 2020), but maybe it was somewhere I was not looking. If this graph is using real data, and not just made up data, then we are looking real good. However, I can’t find a way to make the numbers I had equal any of these numbers. I have been looking the numbers for the last 2 days but have not done the math because math apparently just gets in the way of a pretty cool graph. I really hope these numbers are right. Fig 2 shows the daily confirmed deaths. It is hard to read, but it looks like today’s total is 0 or close to it, but that does not square with the top of the page which, when compared to the day before, should be closer to 30. I just don’t know what to make of these graphs except that they are corrected somehow.

Fig 1
Fig 2
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