I’m really getting tired of the MSM downplaying any good news and only playing up all the bad news. Even then they do mention any good news they put it in the middle of the story buried where it is likely to be missed. I’m writing this on Sunday, April 5, 2020, but the trend is DOWN again! See Fig 1. Is anyone on the news telling you this? Are we out of the woods? Nope. But it appears that the drastic measures are working. Fig 2 shows Saturday’s numbers with my prediction from Friday. As you can see, Saturday’s numbers were on the lower side of the prediction. You can see the actual daily number is on a downward trend as well. Fig 2, Blue Line. Fig 3 shows Saturday’s data with my rudimentary prediction for Sunday. My calculations yield an estimate that 6 in 1,000 Georgians are contagious with something like 12,500 who don’t show any symptoms–not even a fever. THAT is why social distancing and, now, wearing a mask is so important. With the rate of change from Friday to Saturday (6.7%), we have plummeted to a point were the COVID-19 cases will only double every 15 days!

Fig 1
Fig 2
Fig 3
Fig 4
Fig 3 with Sunday 4/5/20 Data for Comparison
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