Is there a good reason why Dimocrats need to name things with grandiose titles for no reason?  Why change the name of Fair Street School to “Fair Street International Baccalaureate World School?”  What the heck?  The word baccalaureate is defined by Webster’s International Dictionary as “the degree of bachelor conferred by universities and colleges.”  Is the Fair Street International Baccalaureate World School going to be a college or university that can confer bachelor degrees?  It is an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!  And if you are going to have such a grandiose name don’t abbreviate it.  Who knows what IB stands for on their web page?  And why use international and world in the same name?  Is China really going to send elementary school students there to get their bachelor degrees?  Maybe Georgia is consistently last in education because our schools don’t know how to use a dictionary?  Maybe the Gainesville School Board got their bachelor degrees at an elementary school too?  Majoring in nap time with a minor in criss cross applesauce?

And what about replacing the whole school instead of fixing the roof?  It justcost $5M more.  Heck the Gainesville school board lost about that much money last year somewhere, remember.  Remember when they were poor mouthing about needing to raise taxes because they had no money and it was just gone?  Remember how they paid their prior superintendent six figures to go away because of the mess?  Now with a new SPLOST there is plenty of YOUR money to replace schools during the “worse recession since the Great Depression.”  Let them spend all the money they can on a building instead of teaching YOUR children what they need to learn.

How about a better name keeping the same theme?  How about the Fair Street School of Obama Awesomeness and International Studies?  Maybe Fair Street International World School Czar Baccalaureate World Academy of the International World?  How about Fair Street International World Doctorate of International Awesomeness Elementary School College and University and the Other Military College of Georgia?  (Sorry friends of North Georgia–your school name is too silly for me too so I had to take a jab.)  I have a good name.  Fair Street Elementary School.  Has a nice ring to it; and you can say it with a straight face.

See the unbelievable story for yourself here –> – New roof or new school?

UPDATE (March 1, 2010):  Apparently the name International Baccalaureate was so dumb that it is now used everywhere and is the “common name” for what used to be called “advanced placement.”  I guess “advanced” was too politically incorrect because other students who were not in the class were then by definition not advanced.  International Baccalaureate is now just another code word to avoid the fact that some people are blessed with different cognitive abilities.  Like the “gifted” program has been renamed “SEARCH.”  Search for what?  A name that does not offend anyone?  How about educators focus on reading, writing, and math instead of making everyone feel better?  I’ll bet the teachers agree.

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