Congratulations to the winners. Condolences to the losers. It was a hard fought political battle, with no violence, and we are a better Country for process.

We all learn from such elections. Some learn before, some during, and some after. We all learned that Hall County is not as conservative, nor as Republican, as it says it is. The Hall GOP has its work cut out for it because our goal is to represent the true ideals of all the people, not to pander to special interests and the good-ole-boy network.

I hope that whether you won, lost, or are in a runoff, that you will come to meetings, answer questions, facilitate transparent government, and help shape decisions in the public’s best interest and not just your own. We will notice if you do or if you don’t. Follow me to the best party around….

I hope to do an after-action report of the election as soon as I catch my breath from yesterday.  And the runoff is just a couple weeks away!

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