Eugene Moon, who narrowly lost his campaign for Hall County Commission Post 2 on July 31, 2012 by less than 300 votes, filed suit on Friday, August 10, 2012 said a spokesman for the campaign.  While the complaint was not immediately available as of this writing, the suit is said to allege several irregularities in the election process as well as allegations that the County Commission Post 4 district might well violate Federal Law.  When interviewed this evening about the lawsuit, Eugene Moon confirmed the filing of the lawsuit, and said that “several’ voters have signed affidavits stating that they were given the wrong ballot during early voting.  Mr. Moon indicated that the investigation is ongoing and other voting irregularities have been alleged, and if you know of a voting irregularity, he asked that you contact the Secretary of State’s office or his attorney Dan Summer.

The Times reported earlier about a voting irregularity concerning Commissioner Craig Lutz’s wife.  In Hall County, prospective voters provide their driver’s license which is scanned using a computer and then an application for early voting is printed automatically.  Mrs. Lutz provided her driver’s licenses but was not only given the wrong ballot, but she apparently was allowed to cast the a ballot for the wrong district.  According to the earlier report, she was then allowed to vote again using the correct ballot.  In the story, the election supervisor alleged that Mrs. Lutz was asked to review the early voting application form containing the name and address of another voter before being given a ballot.  A reliable source close to the investigation on that matter says that Mrs. Lutz has denied that she was ever asked to review the computer-generated form by the poll worker before being given the ballot.  The Secretary of State is still conducting an investigation into that matter.

The Times story also said that all voters were asked to review the voter application form and initial the address.  One voter personally observed by this writer during the voting process prior to the incident with Mrs. Lutz was never asked to review the form before being handed a ballot at the Hall County office.

Since the advent of electronic voting, ballots are yellow “smart cards” that are indistinguishable from each other by the naked eye.  The cards are apparently reused over and over again during each voting cycle.  They are supposed to be reloaded with the correct ballot for each voter.  Many voters have expressed concern that the electronic system of voting is subject to manipulation and voter fraud.

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