I have to admit an almost complete lack of interest in the RNC this year.   No doubt like hockey, soccer and lacrosse, it is a sport you have to see in person to really “get.”  Ironic that the RNC chose enemy controlled territory to hold the Convention.  Another example of Republicans missing the obvious.

Suffice it to say that I’m supporting and voting for Mitt Romney for president.  If you love America you should too.  However like most Southerners, I’m supporting Mitt more because he is not Obama and less because he is going to lift me (or anything else) up.  Its more like he will be a drag chute slowing our decent into the socialist abyss.  I’m not going to comment further on Romney or his policy positions until after the election.  There is no real good reason to do so.  There is no real good reason for me to fly-speck his platform either.  However when he gets elected (and we should all pray that he does) he will get held to the same standard as everyone else–the (R)eal (R)epublican standard.

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