UPDATE:  All the no-tax candidates for county commission lost the election on May 24, 2016.  I will post the precinct details as soon as they are available and I have time.  In the meantime, next year when you get your property tax bill and it has gone up, just quietly say to yourself “Paul told me so but I didn’t listen.”  Enjoy paying your higher property taxes every year for the next 4 years folks.  Maybe if you are lucky you can spend $12,000,000 more on a reservoir consultant–I’m available.

IF YOU WANT MORE TAXES vote for the other guy. The other guy voted to raise your school board taxes every time he could.  I gave him the chance to sign a No Tax Pledge (several times in the past) but he declined to do so. Why? He answered the question on camera–because to do so would be a lie!

IF YOU WANT LESS TAXES then vote for Steve Gailey.  Not only did Steve sign my No Tax Pledge, but he made up one of his own, signed it, and gave it to the Chair of the South Hall Republican Club at their meeting recently.  (When I find the one he signed, I will scan it and upload it.)  Until then you can read the one Troy Phillips signed and watch the video here.

The school board taxes account for 2/3 of your yearly property tax bill.  The other guy voted for every tax increase possible when he was on the school board.  He is likely to do the same with the other 1/3 of the budget if he gets a chance.

IF YOU REALLY WANT LESS TAXES then you have to vote for Eugene Moon and Troy Phillips too.  I know both of these guys and they would rather cut off a finger than raise taxes.  Troy hunted me down for a No Tax Increase Pledge to sign.  I’ve been too busy to track everyone else down, but I am positive that Eugene would sign it if I gave it to him.  So with Steve, Eugene, and Troy, you have a 100% chance of going 4 years without another tax increase.

You vote, you choose.

No Tax Pledge

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