• As of Friday, April 10, 2020 GA DPH Noon Report
  • Total Confirmed Cases: 11,482 (+917)
    • Daily Growth Rate: 8.9% (double # of cases every 11 days)
    • Estimated Total Infected: 114,830
    • Asymptomatic but Contagious: 89,705 (9 in every 1,000)
  • Hospitalized: 2,351 (+156)
  • Deceased 416 (+37)
    • Morbidity Rate: 3.61%

I decided to put a summary at the top of each day to make it easier to read. The summary of the summary is that the numbers continue to go up more than they went up yesterday. See Fig 1, blue line. The overall growth curve is still exponential, but within the boundaries of my rudimentary estimates. The weekly rate of growth is still going down, so that must be a good thing.

Fig 1
Fig 2

For those like me who don’t believe in coincidences, take today’s actions by Twitter. In the middle of a global pandemic, Twitter decides to change is end user terms of service. Se Fig 3 (a screen capture of the notice I received today). Twitter tells me: “[Y]our ability to control mobile app advertising measurements has been removed….” No option to opt in or out–just removed. We are real lucky that when the rest of the world is worrying about life and death, Twitter keeps their eye on the ball by removing your privacy to help advertisers. While not stated, I’m sure “measurements” include location and other things that you may not want them to share with others. Do worry though, you can control whether “some” non-public data is shared. Some, does not mean all. When lawyers use ambiguous terms like “advertizing measurements” and “some,” they do so for a reason. THIS is the reason I don’t have Twitter (or FaceBook) on my phone.

Fig 3

For those of you using the Android operating system for your phones, check out the COVID-19 reporting handled through Weather.com on the default widget on the home screen. At the bottom of the daily weather page there is a COVID-19 link which gives you the county information where you are located. There is also an interactive map of the US that is also very interesting to look it.

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