Americans don’t like being told what to do.  Period.  Dimocrats want to tell others what to do because they think they know better than the poor proletariat what is good for “the people.”  RINOs want to tell others what to do because they forget they are supposed to be Republicans and they still think like Dimocrats (see above).  The Obamanation wants to tell everyone what to do because he thinks he is God (or if he prefers, Allah) and is omniscient.   Health care “reform” is just another way to tell Americans what to do with their personal medical care.  Now Independent and Democratic voters have had their say.  The voters have handed Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat to a Republican.  Ted Kennedy?!  The Dimocrat of Dimocrats?!  The king of health care.  It looks like the most Dimocratic state in the nation just said NO to being told what to do.  I guess now Ted is turning in his grave (and maybe Mary Jo Kopechne can finally rest.)  And Hillary is laughing….

The question of the day is whether the Dimocrats will listen or not.  The next question is whether the RINOs will pull their heads out of the Washington hog trough and start acting like Real Republicans.  The most important question then is whether the few Real Republicans will become a part of the surge and lead a Washington takeover or whether they will recede into obscurity, be replaced, or both.  You don’t have to be a prophet to see that the future holds problems for those that do not listen and learn.

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