When you don’t have any money, do you go on vacation?  When your home is in foreclosure, do you go buy some new jewelery?  So why in the midst of the worst recession since the 1930’s Great Depression is Hall County Government putting a library or a park on every street corner?  (Don’t give me any crap about this money has to be spent because it is in the budget blah, blah, blah.)  They furlough prosecutors, cops, and firemen to save a dollar, but God forbid that we don’t a spend bundle to put a library miles from the nearest town and (that is going to require employees and maintenance forever and ever Amen).  Tightening your belt means STOP SPENDING MONEY and making hard choices about priorities.  Cops versus library?  Simple answer.  Public safety comes first.  It is a basic function of government.  Library?  Wait until better times.  The Commissioner from that district was opposed to it.  The lone Democrat on the Board supported it.  See a pattern?  Hello?  Is this thing on….

According to my good friend Craig Lutz, (http://vote4lutz.com/blog.htm) the Commission urged passage of SPLOST IV in part to purchase property to put a library in Clermont.  SPLOST VI narrowly passed.  Now the Commission is going to leave the property fallow in Clermont and put the library in the boondocks.  So has the Commission opened up themselves to another lawsuit over a broken promise?  No matter the promise, now is not the time to build a new anything except on an emergency basis.

Next time vote NO for any SPLOST or any other tax.  The only way to limit government is to limit government income.  The more they have, the more they want.

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