It is with mixed feelings that I watched Georgia 9th District Congressman Nathan Deal resign this morning at the Gainesville Civic Center.  I really hate to see such a persuasive advocate leave Congress at a time that is so critical to the Nation’s future.  However, I understand that one “nay” vote won’t mean much if Pelosi/Reid/Osama coalition decides to use “budget” rules to force the legislation through; and running for Governor is a full-time job.  He is a genuinely nice and unpretentious man and he has some the nicest family members (and staffers) on Earth.

[By the way, using a budget reconciliation exception for non-budget matters is wrong no matter who does it or when or for what reason.  If the process is inherently fair, open, and transparent, the the right result will be reached.  (Even if only the Almighty knows what the “right” result is.)]

Look for a special election in the very near future, and the field of at least a dozen potential Deal-replacements will be winnowed out when they have to pony up the cash to actually run for office.  Perhaps we can elect a good conservative replacement (like Sen. Hawkins who was at the Deal announcement) before health-care festers to a boil.

And who is going to replace Congressman Linder to my south?  State Sen. Shafer has been mentioned, and he has the conservative credentials to back up a great campaign.  Also heard whispers of State Rep. Melvin Everson, but he is already knee-deep in a state-wide race.  Guess that particular congressional race is none of my business, but I would be happy as I can be with both of those guys in Congress somehow (e.g. redistricting)!  Watch both of these guys and Sen. Hawkins.  They are the real deal.

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