If you have been wondering where I have been, then you must not be following me on twitter as @litag8r or on FaceBook.  However robust and instant those platforms are, they don’t provide the space to make a complicated point.  This Blog does.  Look for more to come.

But for today, many thanks to Governor Nathan Deal for his actions to end the Ga. 400 toll in 2013–4 years earlier than the DOT planned.

Still vote NO on the TSPLOST, however.  While you might think you can afford another penny tax, remember that government spends 1.5 cents for every cent in tax.  That means if you vote yes for a penny, you are going to pay 1.5 pennies for someone else’s buddy to get a sweet contract to pave a road you don’t use somewhere where you don’t need it.  If you think your traffic congestion will get better if you vote yes, then you are naive.

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