On July 25, 2012, the Hall County GOP developed a simple No Tax Pledge for all Republican Candidates to sign during their campaigns.  An example of the Pledge is above.  The first candidates to get the Pledge were the county commission candidates and those who attended the county commission forum on the 25th.  I will update this post as the signatures come in.

Information current as of July 31, 2012.

Signers (signed the Pledge before 7-31-12)

Ashley Bell – Commissioner District 4 Incumbent

Gerald Couch – Candidate for Sheriff

Darla Eden – Candidate for Tax Commissioner

Chuck Hewett – Candidate for Sheriff

Steve Gailey – Candidate for Commission Chair

Paul Godfrey – Candidate for School Board Post 3

Charles Lewis – Candidate for Tax Commissioner

Lisa Maniscalco – Candidate for Probate Judge

Richard “Dick” Mecum – Candidate for Commission Chair

Eugene Moon – Candidate for Commissioner District 2

Jeff Stowe – Candidate for Commission District 4

Jeff Strickland – Candidate for Sheriff

Reviewers (have been provided the Pledge but not yet signed it)

Brook Davidson – Candidate for Probate judge (email on 7/26/12)(Waiting for JQC)*

Patty Walters Laine – Candidate for Probate Judge (email on 7/26/12)(Waiting for JQC)*

* Patty Laine and Brook Davidson have expressed concern that the Judicial Qualifications Commission and the Cannons of Judicial Ethics prohibit them from signing the Pledge.  They are waiting for confirmation from the JQC before signing the Pledge.

Refusers* (have not signed the Pledge)

Susan Brown – Candidate for Probate Judge (hand delivery on 7/25/12)

Kent Henderson – Candidate for Tax Commissioner (email on 7/26/12)

Craig Herrington – School Board Post 3 (email on 7/26/12)

Nath Morris – School Board Chairman (email on 7/26/12)

Tom Oliver – Commission Chair Incumbent (hand delivery on 7/25/12)

Billy Powell – Commissioner District 2 Incumbent (hand delivery on 7/25/12)

John Sisk – Candidate for Sheriff (hand delivery on 7/25/12)

Jon P. Strickland – Candidate for Sheriff (email on 7/26/12)

UPDATE (8-10-12):  *  Those listed above have been provided the Pledge, but have not signed the pledge.  Nobody has affirmatively said that they will not or would not sign the Pledge as of 8-10-12.

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