The superintendent and two of the Hall County School Board members spoke at the Hall County GOP Conservative forum this morning, September 8, 2012.

The quick summary is that they gave a pretty good explanation for their expenses and argued, as I have earlier, that their overall cost per child is lower than most school systems.  They said that they supported charter schools, private schools, and home schools, but don’t like the charter school amendment.  I will review the video and provide detail as time permits.  I might even check their facts and report back.  All in all, they made a good showing without apologizing for, or really even mentioning, the recent tax increase.  I think that if they provided this explanation before the tax increase, it would have been received better.  They said the right things to a bunch of Republicans.

Nobody from the school board has signed the no tax increase pledge, but I have only presented it to 2 of the 5 board members.  See the No Tax Increase Pledge here.  The quick version is that Craig Herrington and Nath Morris have not signed the pledge.  The others will get a copy before their next election.

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