Richard Mecum, candidate for Hall County Commission Chairman, talks to a spectator before the South Hall Republican Club Forum.
(c) E. Paul Stanley 2012 All Rights Reserved

About 150 spectators, candidates, reporters, and staff attended the South Hall Republican Club Form on August 14, 2012.  During what might be for most candidates the last public speaking engagement, candidates for the races in the August 21, 2012 Runoff Election sparred with each other.  No race, or candidate, was untouched.  Despite the general civility, there was a heckler, a shout of shut up, and a certain Congressional Candidate that could not help himself from shouting out at the end.  I caught almost all of it on video.  Before the main event, I got almost all the local candidates to give me a short video about why you should vote for them.  Chairman Tom Oliver was going to let me videotape him, but I lost him in the crowd right before the start.

The straw poll winners were:  Martha Zoller (GA 9th Congressional Candidate); Richard Mecum (Hall County Commission Chair Candidate); Gerald Couch (Hall County Sheriff Candidate); Darla Eden (Hall County Tax Commissioner Candidate); Patty Laine (Hall County Probate Judge Candidate).

First a word from the host club president, Ed Asbridge.

Congressional Candidates:  (The heckling starts at 13:03 by Loree Anne Thompson according to The Gainesville Time reporter Ashley Fielding.)

I will add the other videos once they are uploaded to YouTube!

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