The “L” word was used a LOT last night during the debate.  Not the one from the TV show, but the word “liar.”  I think it is an ugly word and should be reserved for extreme situations.  Apparently Doug and Martha both disagree with me.  The video follows.


I really like the format of this debate.  I was held in 3 segments.  Segment one was in two parts:  The candidate’s top 3 issues and a further description about each top 3 issue one at a time.  Part  2 was where each candidate could ask the other three questions.  And Part 3 was the moderator asking 6 final questions.  This format was more interesting for the viewers, and I think allowed the candidates to get what they wanted to say and ask out of their system before the moderator asked the final questions.  The only problem I had was that Doug seemed to get to go first on each question, and I think that that format placed him at a disadvantage.

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