Just got this on my voice mail from the Collins camp.  To go this negative in this way makes me think that the poll numbers are bad for Doug and its now “no holds barred.”  Georgian’s don’t like this kind of negative attack ad, however.  And this is all the audio that I received, so I have no idea who authorized or paid for the attack–which is probably a violation of Federal Election law.


I believe that Martha and Doug both had a chance to flush out these issues in their 9th District GOP debate and with the South Hall Republican Club forums just this week.  Here is another look at those videos to let YOU decide.



I think that once you listen and watch all this, you can see that the RoboCall tries to put words into Martha’s mouth.  And listening to the RoboCall, when I hear someone tout how much of a “Christian” they are to strangers, I put my hand on my wallet and don’t believe another word they say.  If you have to tell me what you are, then you have a problem.  Show me.  Its one thing to say you don’t believe Martha, but another to keep telling me what she said (that is wrong) or what she believes (which you can’t know).  No matter what side of the debate you believe, this call was not a Christian act.


I just got a RoboCall from Debbie Dooley, the co-founder of the Georgia Tea Party, urging me to ignore the Collins rhetoric and vote for the true conservative–Martha Zoller.  She points out that Martha is endorsed by Georgia Right to Life–THE Georgia anti-abortion group.  Maybe I will upload and post that call too, but I have to get some real work today.

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