“Proud” Democrat voting Republican

Look who was voting in the Republican Primary on Friday, August 17, 2012 in Gainesville (in a Prius of course)!  Proof certain that Democrats will continue to interfere in Republican politics until Republicans do something about it.

For an example, look what happened to State Rep Doug McKillip (R-Athens) in his recent primary state house reelection bid.  After winning in 2010 as a Democrat, he switched to the Republican party and got one of the toughest pro-life bills in the country passed.  As a result, look at what his Democratic opponents sent out against him.

Back of Anti-McKillip Flyer

And the Athens Democrats did exactly what they were told.

GA117 Election Results Primary 7-31-12

Note that Doug lost by only 66 votes.  But see how the votes broke down within the district.

GA117 Election Results July 31, 2012

The county-by-county results show that Doug won by 737 votes in the three smaller counties, but lost by 803 votes in liberal Clarke County where the Democrats circulated this flyer.  The Democrats got what they asked for–anybody but Doug McKillip.

I have to note that I don’t know beans about Ms. Quick and I hope that she will be the best representative ever for the Republican Party.  What I want to do is remove Democrat influence from Republican primaries.  If they want to compete and be heard on their liberal agenda and issues, then put up a candidate the a (D) after their name and lets see how that works for them!  No more sniping from the shadows or posing as RINOs.  Come out into the open.

But what about the last referendum where this very proposal lost, you ask?  Well what else do you expect liberals trying to hide in the open to vote for?  This is the same group that is advocating nonpartisan elections for all elected offices.  The Democrats know that in most jurisdictions they can’t win in a toe-to-toe battle over issues or agenda, so they have to look for a way to cheat.  I predicted this day would come, but I never expected so many to fall for it.  I underestimated the last gasp of a dying party.

Democrats are fouling Republican primary elections.  Time for the Georgia legislature to show some leadership on this issue.  Contact your legislators (state house and senate) today and give them a boot of confidence.  (I guess it says some something about our leadership when the web page to find your Georgia legislator redirects you to a nonpartisan advocacy group where you just get a list of legislators and you can’t really find yours.  Also they can’t alphabetize.  Mr. Ralston, time to change that link!)

Georgia needs to require that each individual declare their party affilitation and register as a Democrat or Republican BEFORE the election cycle.  Once registered, that person would only be able to cast a ballot in the primary election of their chosen primary.  And yes, that political party “registration” would apply to those who sit in nonpartisan elected positions.  Come into the light and be counted!

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