I, and many other Republican leaders, are concerned about the erosion of the Republican Brand, as evidenced by the proliferation of RINOs in office, the push for “non partisan” political offices, and the birth and growth of the Tea Party.  I believe that the local GOP should have sole discretion to prevent someone from qualifying to run as a Republican.  After all, who knows you better than your neighbors. Unfortunately, the law, and the RINOs, don’t like my idea.  The next step is voter education.  Always difficult, because the “educator” always seems to have a “dog in the fight.”  Well there has been plenty of gossip and rumors about important issues in this election cycle, but almost none have been addressed publicly.  I hope to change that.

I am working on a series of questions to put to the Republican candidates for office in Hall County.  Not the scripted questions where we all know the answers to, but the kind of questions that would make a candidate stomp out of the room if asked at an organized debate if they don’t have a good answer.  If you have any questions, please email them to me at paul@thestanleyfirm.com.  If you are a candidate and want to reply to a rumor or gossip about you, email me as well.  I hope to be publishing the results of these inquiries between now and election day on this blog. My goal is not to spare anyone, and give everyone an equal chance to explain.

These questions, answers, and opinions are all mine, and do not reflect the opinion of the Hall County Republican Party or the Georgia Republican Party (but they probably should).  I’m not perfect, I’m just (R)eal.