Taxed Enough Already!

…The Gainesville school board just voted for a tax increase (also known as a roll up).  As usual, the bureaucrats are trying to “soft soap” the tax increase by saying it is just a “little” increase.  You will notice it.  You already notice it every day.  Just like the LOST, SPLOST, ELOST, and all the pay-to-play fees, outrageous admission fees for middle and high school sports games, and other ways the government gouges us every day just a little bit at a time.  I have to tip my hat to longtime Democrat and political consultant Sammy Smith for voting no to the increase.  Sammy has been on the School Board since his election in 2007.

Come hear the Hall County School Board members discuss a possible likely probable almost certain tax increase for Hall County residents at the Hall County GOP Conservative Forum on Saturday, September 8, 2012 at the Northeast Georgia History Center in Gainesville.  Click here for directions.

Remember to check with the Hall County GOP for local Republican events.