Time to Put our Foot Down!

The Republican “platform” being developed at the National Convention in Tampa as of this writing, is a key part of what defines a candidate as a Republican.  Unfortunately, many candidates and officials just don’t know the platform, or they simply don’t live it.  However, many disparate groups are all there trying to get their word in–and out.  Fortunately, I’m not constrained by the convention platform.

What follows is my own “platform” to use to analyze candidates, officials, and legislation.  Unlike most political platforms, mine is prioritized.  The priority can be the key in decision making.  For example one who values peace over freedom might surrender before a fight, while someone who has the same values in reverse will fight fiercely to maintain their freedom.  Another example is the balance between liberty and law & order.  I have used the Hall County GOP guiding principles which have been reaffirmed year-after-year at the County Conventions as the starting point.

Reasonable people can disagree about what it means to be “a Republican.”  Since I get to make my own rules on The (R)eal (R)epublican, the committee vote is not a problem.  However, all Republicans share a core set of values and beliefs.  Most of the disagreements are around the fringe of those core beliefs / values.

Must Have:  A Republican Must…

Believe in God.

Believe in the sanctity of innocent human life.

Believe that each individual is born with certain unalienable rights granted by The Creator, and that these rights are embodied in the US Constitution. Each person has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Each person has the right to practice the religion of their choice.  Each person has the right to defend themselves, their family, and their property from unlawful intrusion using whatever force is necessary.

Believe that government should never infringe upon individual rights.

Believe that each person is created equal and has the right to prosper, or fail based upon their own gifts and labor.  That each person is personally responsible for their actions.  However equal creation does not mean equal results.  Government must not pick winners or losers.

Believe that taxes are a necessary evil; and should be no higher than absolutely necessary to achieve the necessary ends of government.  And the method of tax collection should be the most efficient for all involved.

Believe in the free enterprise system, where the economy is left free to determine the methods and quantities of production without government interference.  While legitimate safety regulations are necessary, government regulation should be no more than is rationally related to health and safety of the citizens.  Government should not endorse or facilitate monopoly power in the private sector.  The private sector, especially small business, is the economic engine of America where jobs and ideas are born and flourish.

Believe that the process of government, especially the courts, should be fair and unbiased.

Believe in a strong military that is never afraid to exert its strength anywhere in the world to protect America and the safety of Americans.  Likewise, strong and just law enforcement at every level is a necessary function of good government.

Should Have:  A Republican Should…

Believe that abortion is the taking of a life and should only be done when there is no other recourse.

Believe that the death penalty is a valid punishment for dangerous criminals.

Believe that each non-criminal citizen has the right to possess a firearm to ensure his or her safety.

Believe that government and government processess should be “transparent” and open to the public.  Hiring, firing, appointments, and contracts should be awarded on merit alone.  Elected 0fficials, bureaucrats, and government employees should not benefit from their positions except from their pay and allowances.  They should be report all their assets and income annually for inspection by the public.

Believe that a two party political system yields results that represent the people the best.  Non-partisian elections are simply a way for candidates and officials to obscure their core beliefs.

Believe that debt is bad–both for families and for government.  A Republican should take every step to avoid debt, and to repay the debt as soon as possible.

Believe that the issue of education is best left to the local community.

Support and vote for the most conservative candidate that can get elected in any election cycle.

Usually Have:  A Republican Usually…

Believes that non-citizens are not entitled to the same rights and privileges a citizens.

Believes that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Believes that non-lethal methods of interrogation should be used on enemy combatants or spies during time of war.

Believes that the fairest method of taxation is the Fair Tax–a national sales tax.

Believes that gambling and drinking are bad habits, but habits that are up to the citizen (of appropriate age) to decide.

Never Have:  A Republican Never…

Drives a Subaru or a Prius.  (Just kidding… on the Prius.  Never, ever have I seen a Republican driving a Subaru.)

Voted for Clinton or Obama (unless you are willing to confess your sin and repent your evil ways).

Wants government to compete with the private sector to provide a good or service to the citizens.

Votes to raise a tax on citizens except in time of emergency.

Areas Where Reasonable Republicans Disagree

Some Republicans legitimately feel that an abortion can never be performed, not even to save the life of the mother.  Some feel that only for life of the mother and incest or rape.  Regardless, the current law is pretty clear with no current possibility of change without a Constitutional change.

With just over 50% of the population supporting “gay marriage,” there are some gay Republicans and family members in that mix.

Most of the disagreements between Republicans are over what services the government should provide.  Some argue for no service that is not necessary to life and limb, while others want government to provide services not in conflict with the private sector.

* * * * *

I wish Chairman Sue Everhart and other Georgia Delegates at the National Convention well.  I trust that they will ensure that the final GOP platform will represent the values of Real Republicans everywhere.  Some of my favorite tweeters are there to keep us all up to date.

If you have any ideas about what should, or should not, be in the Real Republican platform, feel free to comment below.

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