Having been practicing in Gainesville for a long time, I know one thing for sure: ¬†I’m a minority within a minority–a Republican lawyer. ¬†In Gainesville, almost all of the lawyers are Yellow Dog Democrats (who have to be Blue Dog Democrats because there are no more Democrats to vote for). ¬†Jody Cooley is no exception to the rule. ¬†On a professional level, I work with, enjoy, and like many if not most of them (regardless of their party affiliation) including Jody. ¬†The reverse is not always true.

Although Jody is very nice guy, and his videos with his dog are cute, Republican voters won’t be fooled during the election in the 9th Congressional District. ¬†Jody got 8,964 votes in the primary election–roughly 7% of the votes cast on July 31, 2012. ¬†Those votes represent the remaining Yellow Dog population. ¬†History shows that no matter who runs for the spot as a Democrat, they tend to get only about 25% of the vote. ¬†It is Doug Collins’ race to lose. ¬†He must be confident, because he is taking down his big signs around Gainesville already. ¬†[UPDATE: ¬†While Doug is at the RNC, Jody has been putting his sigs up in Gainesville.]

Jody supports Obamacare and believes that raising taxes is inevitable.  In fact he thinks that repealing Obamacare and keeping taxes the same would be ineffective leadership.  Supporting Obamacare and raising federal income taxes will keep you at the courthouse and not at the Capital.  One wonders what his position would be on the 2nd Amendment, socials issues, or entitlements when more than 1/3 of Americans receive a government check, or the national debt?

I’m tracking down a rumor that after a few drinks a highly placed state Democratic official bragged that they had a Democratic candidate in each congressional district solely to keep the Republicans busy with local races and out of the presidential race. ¬†Their alleged goal was to keep the money and congressmen (and candidates) on their own campaign trail on not on the platform with Mitt or in Washington.

Check out the campaign materials on Doug Collin’s web page. ¬†Sign up. ¬†Get involved.

Let me know what you think of if you can confirm the rumor in the comments below.

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