While it is way too early to know for sure, it is sure a great day when the rate of increase drops to the third-lowest rate ever at 18%. The lowest rate was 3% on Day -3 (3/12/20) and 7% on Day 7 (3/16/20). Here’s hoping and praying that we are approaching the top of the curve. Unfortunately, only the results from tomorrow will provide the needed information. The increase today (354) is lower than the increase yesterday (480). Five more people lost their lives yesterday, bringing the total to 69. The total infected stands at 2,366 as of Noon on Saturday, March 28, 2020. The overall death rate is 3%. Only 0.02% of Georgians are known to have the disease.

Infected, Deaths, and Three Predictions

Yesterday we got word that there was a confirmed positive COVID-19 report at the Kubota plant in Gainesville, Georgia. The plant will be shut down for cleaning over the weekend. It is unknown if the plant will re-open after cleaning. Hours were already cut to some employees.

I ran upon an interesting video on youtube that you can find here. In the video, the author, minutephysics, a physicist, describes an alternative method to graph COVID-19 that I might give a try. (I would say tell me what you think in the comments, but that would be like telling myself to write what I think in the comments.)

Do The Five!
3/28/20 Infected, Deaths & Predictions with 3/29/20 Data
Note that the data is right on the Corrected Prediction
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