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Joe Biden: ‘Washington right now is broken’

So Washington is in “deep trouble” unless it attacks ballooning federal deficits?  Is this an attempted suicide?  Has he talked to his boss about this? Biden on capital: ‘Washington right now is broken’ – Yahoo! News

Its Scott Brown, Stupid!

Americans don’t like being told what to do.  Period.  Dimocrats want to tell others what to do because they think they know better than the poor proletariat what is good for “the people.”  RINOs want to tell others what to do because they forget they are supposed to be Republicans and they still think like...


As you can see from the following story, Joe “Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia” Biden, will be in Dawsonville tomorrow.  I don’t know why (and don’t care), but if you will be driving or walking near a roadway take cover during his visit.  His fleet of Secret Service Agents has a record of being involved in vehicular mahem–killing at...

Zoller leaving WDUN for new FM station

Good Luck Martha!  My car could never pick up WDUN anyhow. gainesvilletimes.com – Zoller leaving WDUN for new FM station

Dumb Name AND $5M?

Is there a good reason why Dimocrats need to name things with grandiose titles for no reason?  Why change the name of Fair Street School to “Fair Street International Baccalaureate World School?”  What the heck?  The word baccalaureate is defined by Webster’s International Dictionary as “the degree of bachelor conferred by universities and colleges.”  Is...

Its Only Funny Until It’s Your Turn

Kris Yardley Rocks Flowery Branch Georgia

Congratulations to Kris Yardley, the newest member of the Flowery Branch City Council.  Kris Yardley is the Chairman of the Hall County Young Republicans, and is on the Hall County GOP Executive Committee.  Since moving to Hall County he has been continuously involved in conservative political activities.  He is as genuine and honest as he...

Kris Yardley

Kris Yardley up before dawn working for Flowery Branch votes

Gainesville Alcohol Laws = Taxes not Safety

Ok.  I know that some people believe that alcohol (and the drinking thereof) is a sin (meaning if you drink any alcohol you will be damned to an eternity in the fires of Hell tormented by Satan after you leave this earthly plane).   I guess those same people believe that when Jesus turned the water...

BO Tax Increase – Medical Insurance Tax

Remember when BO said that he would not tax anyone except the rich?  Well he lied and continues to lie with the help of his buddy Snuffalopolous.  If you don’t have medical insurance right now, then lets play a quick game.  Open your bank statement.  Guess what?  YOU are RICH!!!  According to the September 29,...

Back on Blog

I think a suitable “mourning” period has passed, so that now I can resume blogging.  The Dimocrats are still counting the days since I stopped posting blog entries.  However, they should have known that I was no longer the Chair of the Hall County GOP.  The gavel has passed to another.  RINOS beware….

James Mills Rocks the County (Media Ignores)

If you read the paper you probably did not know that James Mills had Family Campaign Rally last Saturday from 5 to 7 PM at the Ag Center.  The media goes on and on this morning about the measly 250 Democrats that showed up for the Democrat Party rally at the Georgia Mountains Center.  That number...